The benefits of business process outsourcing (BPO)

Companies today go through many changes on a regular basis. However, running a business takes a lot of time, expenses and requires hiring more staff. When your company has to expand, it will be more prudent to get reliable BPO for your agencies and departments. Let us take a look at the areas in which you can make your company more profitable by outsourcing some of the processes.


Marketing is an area that is crucial to any consumer oriented business. But sometimes, hiring your own staff can be costly and involves wages, social security, and overheads. But you can also outsource this part of your business to a qualified BPO company and save a lot of time and money and achieve even better results and profitability.

Customer service

If your company has a large customer base, it probably requires staff to handle after sales services and upselling. You can hand over this part of the work to a BPO company that specializes in your industry. In this way, you will not have to worry about having space and hiring new staff to take care of your customer’s needs.

What is a BPO company?

lykhtgfmThese enterprises are call centers and they hire personnel who are qualified in various fields including, insurance, banking, auto and any other area that comes you your mind. These firms offer large corporations the chance to outsourced their processes to them. They often work 24 hours a day or as per the requirements of the client. They are located in countries like India and The Phillipines. In fact, these two nations have a huge number of such centers catering to major players in many industries including finance, banking, software, computers and others.

When a company hands out a process to one of these centers, they will have to do the initial training, and then the BPO company will get into gear. The cost per seat or agent which is paid to such centers is much less that what a company will have to pay overall for hiring a single employee and getting them on the payroll. In fact, companies like Microsoft, HSBC Bank, Paypal and Western Union all outsource a huge amount of their customer care service to BPO companies located in the countries listed above.


In you want your company to grow and not wish to go through the entire process of hiring and training staff, consider outsourcing, and you will reap the benefits.